make dinner & close a deal, all in the same day.

with the help of your ai collaborator, KoCoBot

Barred spiral galaxy, outer space stars
Barred spiral galaxy, outer space stars
Barred spiral galaxy, outer space stars
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chief ai bestie, kowazi

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need a schedule and budget for work, gym, and going out?

ask KoCoBot.

wanna strategize your job search as a new grad?


building a revolutionary app for space travel? you know what to do.

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your full potential, because your life doesn’t stop at work.

ai-driven productivity doesn’t belong to big companies, micromanagers, or other corporate icks.

it belongs to all of us and our big ideas.

whether you’re a 20-something year old embarking on your career...

or in your 40s and contemplating joining a rap group.


all your information to compose whatever you want.

your KoCoBot can consolidate multiple sources of data, streamline it, and generate multiple symphonies.

kowazi uses the latest in AI to help you make an impact in seconds.

whether you're writing a cookbook, writing an industry-changing research article, or building the next-gen climate change startup.


everything in your life.

let Kowazi sort through the redundancies in your everyday schedule and make life easier, so you have the time to do what you want, when you want.

it’ll also update to show the most up-to-date data as you add your collaborators and new pieces of information.

ask KoCoBot to find the cheapest price for a sofa across four sites, while it also sets your schedule and budget for the next month.

wanna fit guitar lessons in with your friend? Tuesday, between 6-8 looks great.

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catch up and surpass everyone with your own personalized KoCoBot.

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(and access your infinities)

skip the FOMO.

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